Kevin Uretsky

Anchor 5:00 & 6:30

"Being in the media is one of the most unique and interesting ways to be part of our community and to help contribute to it."

Jade Redinger

Anchor Good Morning Northwest

"I am home and it feels so good!!!"

Jason Valentine

GMNW Weather Anchor/View on Film

"What can I say, I love my job.  Getting to eat, hear great music, and meet interesting people from around the area before 7AM is a true joy."

Eugene Buenaventura

Multi-Media Journalist

"My story is telling your story."

Patricia Martellotti

Multi-Media Journalist

"While the view around my newly developed apartment home in the Tri-Cities is spectacular, I’m not often there. I love being on-the-go as a frontline street reporter."

Kierra Elfalan

Multi-Media Journalist

“There is nothing more exciting than being able to tell the stories and share the voices of the community while remaining in the area where I grew and love; the Pacific Northwest.”

Bary Roy

GMNW Live Reporter

"This has been what I have worked my whole life for and can't wait to tell the stories of this amazing community. I am living my dream and I don't feel like I work a single day of my life anymore."

Amanda Quintana

Multi-Media Journalist

"I am thrilled to call the Tri-Cities my new home and can't wait to experience all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer!"