Sweet Potato Gaufrette with Chicken and Black-eyed Pea, Corn Relish

Christopher Van Hoorelbeke


1 Large Sweet potato (Slice on Mandoline turn a quarter turn per slice) Cris-Cut
 Deep fry at 350 degrees until crisp, season with Sea Salt and Set Aside
1-2 Large Chicken Breasts (Seasoned and Grilled or Roasted)
1 can or 1 cup of cooked and drained black-eyed peas
2 cups of roasted whole ear corn
¼ cup diced red onion
1 roasted red bell pepper (diced)
2 Tbsp. Fresh Italian Parsley
2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp Pepper


Arrange Gaufrettes on a Serving Platter or Plate Place a Slice of Chicken and 1 tsp of relish on top and Serve…