Market Fresh Spring Rolls

Chefs Jay Entrikin and Kristin Swaggart


12-15 rice paper circles

Very warm water

1 c. Fresh herbs such as mint and cilantro

2 oz pickled ginger, minced

4 oz carrot, julienne (like a matchstick)

4 oz cucumber, seeds removed, julienne

4 oz red cabbage, thinly sliced

4 oz bean sprouts, ends trimmed


Fill a bowl with the warm water. Make sure it's large enough to submerse the rice paper circles in. One at a time, soak a circle in the water for a few seconds, making sure all surfaces get wet. Gently remove the circle and drip dry over the bowl to remove excess water. Lay the moist circle on a clean dry surface, and start to fill your first spring roll. Take several cilantro and mint leaves and tear them before placing them in the center of the circle. Spread 1 teaspoon of the pickled ginger over the herbs. Next, place 1/2 oz of carrot on top of the herbs and ginger, and continue to add the other vegetables 1/2 oz at a time, stacking the vegetables neatly as you go. Finally, grab the bottom of the circle and pull it up over the vegetable pile. Then fold each side over the middle and roll everything up to the top of the circle. Try to keep the roll tight without pulling too hard or the rice paper will tear. Use a little bit of the warm water to moisten the edge if you need to help it seal. 

Lay spring rolls on a platter, or stand them upright in a bowl. Serve with delicious dipping sauces!