Allied Arts Coming to an End

<p>Allied Arts</p>

Allied Arts

After years of financial struggles, the Allied Arts in Yakima is dissolving.

Board members voted to cease operations, citing years of financial issues that couldn't be made up.

The organization was also forced out of their building was deemed unsafe, due to deteriorating materials.

Allied Arts has been part of the Yakima community for about 50 years, helping construct landmarks such as Millennium Plaza.

Board members say the decision took months to come to.

"It was a very difficult decision for us to make; it's one we had hoped to avoid, we tried very hard to avoid," said board president Meredith Bruch, "But ultimately it was was the only decision that we really could make."

Board members do say the Fresh Hop Ale Festival, put on by the Allied Arts, will continue this fall, and will be placed under another organization's responsibility.