Pendleton police may never know how fatal house fire started

<p>1200 Block SE Court Pl.</p>

1200 Block SE Court Pl.

Pendleton police officers say they may never know what exactly caused a fatal house fire last week that left two adults and three children dead.

Pendleton police chief Stuart Roberts says officers are wrapping up their investigation into last Sunday's fatal house fire.

Roberts says the cause of the fire is undetermined so far, and they may never know how it started because when firefighters put out the flames, they most likely displaced any evidence that could help them understand what happened.

The fire happened at a home on the 1200 block of Southeast Court Place.

Two people survived the fire, but five others died.

Officers have identified the two adults who died, but they are not releasing their names because family members have asked that the names stay private until they can hold their funeral services.

However, Stuart says one adult was a 29-year-old man and the other adult was a 46-year-old female.

Police officers believe the fire started on the front porch outside the home.

They say they have no reason to believe the fire started as the result of any criminal activity.

Officers have not yet identified the three children who died.

They expect to know their identities in about a month.

However, Roberts says they believe they know who the children are.