National Plug-In Day

Electric car owners in the Tri-Cities celebrate the third annual National Plug-in Day this weekend.

The Mid-Columbia Electric Vehicle Association held a presentation at the Richland Public Library to discuss how and where to charge your electric vehicle.

There are only about 150 electric cars on the road in the Tri-Cities, so there aren't many places to charge them compared to the west side of the state.

With most electric cars able to go between 40 and 80 miles on a charge, it makes long distance travel difficult, but local electric car owner James Smith says it's still worth it not having to pump gas.

"It doesn't bother me to make plans when I travel, figure out where I'm staying.  It just means I spend time checking out some places I've never been before.  It's all how you liik at it.  How you travel, how you enjoy life.  For $19,999 I couldn't be happier with my vehicle."

The electric Vehicle Association has plans to add three charging stations in Kennewick, and a handful of companies, like PNNL, have stations available for employees.

An Electric vehicle can get 2 cents per mile, compared to 20 cents for a gas-powered car getting 20 miles per gallon.