Officers Train to Search Cars for Drugs

<p>KPD Training</p>

KPD Training

The Washington State Patrol is training officers from all over the state today on how to properly search cars for drugs.

Officers are on a mission to find more than 15 simulated props hidden in a car that represent drugs, money and weapons.

They lifted up the back seat and found a kilo of drugs, searched the trunk and found stacks of money and tore apart the trunk to recover a hidden hand gun.

The 3-day course focuses on traffic stops and teaching officers what signs to look for once they've pulled someone over, such as a nervous driver, out of state license plates or simply a story that simply doesn't match up.

It took five officers less than 17 minutes to find every single prop in the car.

The Kennewick Police Department hosted the Advanced Criminal Interdiction Clinic that takes place two to three times a year.