More CWU Students "Logged On"

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CWU Online

As fall quarter begins at Central Washington University, many students simply attend classes, while others keep their hands full with extra curricular commitments and outside jobs.

Rubal Virdi is a full-time student at the university, and a part-time online student at home.

He also works a part time job, and does research for his Psychology major on the side.

"It's always just go-go-go, so sometimes you don't even have time to go to class," said Virdi, "So you'd rather do the work at home or in the library."

This year, the university welcomed a large class of online students -- over 2,500; that's 500 more than last year -- about a 25% increase.

It's the largest class to date ever since the university started offering online degrees and courses a few years ago.

Administrators say a large portion of those students are also full time students at the university; it's a trend they only see growing more and more over time.

"They may not be able to get all their courses in a particular term, so being able to take courses online frees up their schedule for other courses they are taking on campus," said Multimodal Learning Director, Christopher Schedler, "It also may decrease their time to degree if they are able to get those courses that they need."

For Rubal Virdi, taking classes online has saved him time in the classroom, and opened up his day to other obligations.

"It kind of shows where our educational system is headed," said Virdi, "It may not be, but as far as I've seen over the years, more and more people are taking online classes, including myself, because it's so convenient."

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