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<p>Taylor Turner</p>

Taylor Turner

<p>Taylor &amp; Prize</p>

Taylor &amp; Prize

More than 150 high school students from across Washington State compete in multiple rodeo events this weekend in Kennewick.

The Benton-Franklin Fairgrounds were a-buzz with activity this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fourteen-year-old Taylor Turner from Columbia Burbank High School has been competing in events since she was six years old. 

Her mother, Susan Turner, says Taylor knew how to ride a horse even before she could walk. "We've been around horses all our lives, so it's just natural for her. Rodeos are incredibly confidence building, and most kids who do this, are self assured."

Susan is one of many parents, who have worked to bring these kinds of events to the Tri-Cities area.

"We need to get more people involved. It's so important to the kids and the build this community," said Susan.

Taylor competed this weekend in several different rodeo events, including barrel racing, goat tying, breakaway roping, and steer wrestling.

Barrel racing is an event where the horse and rider complete a clover-leaf pattern around pre-set barrels for the fastest time.

In a field of 54 contestants, Taylor and her horse, Prize, placed 18th with a time of 18.6 seconds.

Prize is her back-up horse, and Taylor said she didn't have enought time with her. But even if disappointed, it doesn't show on her face. She says she knows she will get right back on the horse.

"I stay focused. It's just about getting done what you need to get done. You gotta go in there and do what you have do. Never give up.  I mean you can always get to where you wanna be. You just gotta put in the work." said Taylor.

Many local schools took part in the rodeo including students from Finley, Kennewick, Benton City, Prosser, and Pasco Schools.