Department of Corrections Investigates Inmate Death

WALLA WALLA, Wash. (AP) -- An inmate killed himself in the Washington State Penitentiary by slashing his wrists.

Walla Walla County Coroner Richard Greenwood ruled the death of 47-year-old David Brewczynski on Aug. 31 a suicide.

Walla Walla police and the Department of Corrections are investigating.

Police spokesman Tim Bennett says Brewczynski was alone in his cell. Investigators aren't commenting on the weapon he used.

Penitentiary spokeswoman Shari Hall says she can't comment while the prison is conducting its critical incident review.

Brewczynski was convicted of murder and theft in the 2008 killing of 80-year-old Kenneth Cross during a burglary at his Spokane Valley home.