Modifications to Part of the Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit

<p>Waste Removal</p>

Waste Removal

The Department of Energy – Office of River Protection (DOE-ORP) is holding a 60-day public comment period on proposed Class 2 modifications to the 242-A Evaporator portion of Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit. 

The DOE-ORP is requesting that the Washington State Department of Ecology grant a Temporary Authorization prior to close of the comment period.

The comment period begins tomorrow.

These proposed Class 2 modifications update two chapters of the 242-A Evaporator portion of the permit. 

Key changes include updating:

  • The tank waste sampling approach in the Waste Analysis Plan
  • Preparedness and prevention measures

Prior to processing waste through the 242-A Evaporator, the tank waste is analyzed to meet the waste acceptance criteria. 

This information is used to determine how the waste will behave both during and after the evaporation process. 

The evaporation process reduces the volume of liquid waste stored in Hanford’s 28 underground double-shell tanks.

The permittee’s compliance history during the life of the permit being modified is available from the Department of Ecology contact person. 

The 60-day public comment period runs from September 19, 2013 through November 17, 2013. 

A public meeting will be held on October 23, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at the Richland Public Library, 955 Northgate Drive, Richland, WA. 

You can review the proposed modifications at: