New Developments in the Kevin Harper Case

<p>Kevin Harper</p>

Kevin Harper

After months of waiting, it looks like the case involving the murder of Bill, Pauline and Bettye Goggin is once again back to square one.

"This is probably, certainly in my legal career, one of the darkest cases that I've ever been a part of," said Judge Ruth Reukauf.

Those were the words she left with the defense as she denied the state's request to revoke Kevin Harper's plea deal.

"And it's a dark day for the rest of us to hear the decision that she had to make," said Goggin family friends Ray Vanderwall.

Harper pleaded guilty last October to first degree unlawful posession of a firearm, and second degree possession of stolen property, in exchange for the 3 murder charges against him being dropped.

At the time, prosecutors claimed that a change in the timeline of the Goggins murders precipitated the plea agreement.

Prosecutors then returned with evidence they claim violated Harper's cooperation agreement and could be used against him in trial.

However, that was rejected by Judge Reukauf citing multiple missteps in the past by prosecutors and investigators.

Friends of the Goggins left the courtroom disappointed -- forced to move on, while still searching for answers.

"That process has been going on... It's just that we... We move on without a conviction," said Vanderwall.

Harper does face about 7 years in prison for those lesser charges; he is scheduled to be sentenced the first week of October.