Ex-fiance testifies in Scantling murder trial

<p>Ann Krebs</p>

Ann Krebs

<p>Grant Scantling</p>

Grant Scantling

A Kennewick murder suspect's ex-fiance takes the stand in his murder trial today, and gives a detailed description of what took place the morning of the fatal shooting.

Ann Krebs, who is Grant Scantling's ex-fiance, says she was in bed with her three kids the morning of March 22, 2013, when Scantling threw a cinderblock through her sliding glass door, broke into her duplex, and started attacking her.

Krebs says she was planning to move from Kennewick to Michigan with her three kids that day - Scantling is the father of two of those children.

She says when Scantling broke into her house that morning, he started choking her and put a gun to her head, asking 'why are you taking the kids away from me?'

One of Krebs's roommates Michael Billado, who testified today said when he heard the noise, he and another roommate Franklin Palmer, ran to the room to help.

Billado says when Scantling noticed them, Scantling shot Palmer.

Krebs says after the shooting, Scantling came back into her room and told her this could have all been prevented, if she had let him see his kids when he came to visit a couple days earlier.

"Then he was talking to me, and said that if I hadn't slammed the door in his face, like two days prior to all this, that none of this would have happened, and something about all these other people or something, I'm not sure what the rest of that sentence was. I really don't remember. I was screaming and stuff" said Krebs.

Krebs says after that, she followed Scantling to the living room, where she says he put a gun to his own head.

"He said I've got one bullet for you and one for myself, something close to that, I know that's not the exact, what he said. He had the gun to his head. He stood there like that for a few minutes, or not a few minutes, it seemed like a long time. We just stared at each other, and then he put the gun down and he left" said Krebs.

The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Franklin Palmer also testified today.

He said Palmer was shot three times.

Krebs says after Scantling shot Palmer from the bedroom, he walked up to his body, and shot him again, while he was lying on the ground.

The forensic pathologist also testified that there was meth in Palmer's system when he died.