Transformative Stories

<p>Transformative Stories</p>

Transformative Stories

If you're looking for something to do tonight, there's going to be a special motivational performance, put on by Kadlec Neurological Resource Center at the Three Rivers Convention Center.

Jill Bolte Taylor and folk singer Carrie Newcomer are teaming up to educate people on the brain and how it works.

Taylor is a brain scientist who survived a severe stroke nearly 20 years ago that left her unable to walk, talk, read or recall any of her life.

It took her eight years to fully recover and she credits part of her recovery to Newcomer's music.

Together, they're explaining the logic behind people's emotions.

They say it's a full brain experience because Taylor shares her message intellectually from the left side of the brain and Newcomer shares hers musically from the right side of the brain.