Convicted Felon Arrested on Suspicion of Rape/Assault

<p>Cristobal Garibay</p>

Cristobal Garibay

Franklin County Police have arrested a man on suspicion of rape, assault, burglary, and violation of a no-contact order today.

Deputy George Rapp says 36-year-old Cristobal Arteago Garibay broke into his former girlfriend's home on Sagehill Rd near Othello at 8am today.

Garibay allegedly raped and assaulted the victim. Police say he was in the process of robbing the home when law enforcement arrived at 9:30am.

Rapp says Garibay has violated an earlier no-contact order from January of this year, and is also a convicted drug felon.

Garibay is on 72-hour hold in the Franklin County Jail. He is expected to go in front of a judge tomorrow.