US 395 Traffic Signal Near New Hospital To be Activated

<p>Road Projects</p>

Road Projects

The Oregon Department of Transportation will activate the U.S. 395 (Southgate) traffic signal adjacent to the new hospital on Sept. 5.

The new signal, located at the intersection of Southgate and the new S.W. 37th Street extension, is one of many road enhancements being built.

Drivers are advised to watch for the new signal and become familiar with other traffic changes in the area, including the closure of the southern connection of Southgate Place to U.S. 395/Southgate.

Key traffic changes in the area

- Closing off the southern connection of Southgate Place with U.S. 395: The sub-standard, diagonal connection of Southgate Place to U.S. 395 will be closed, with the street ending in a cul-de-sac. Motorists will connect to U.S. 395 via the new signalized intersection at S.W. 37th Street. An emergency access gate will be installed and kept closed except in case of an emergency evacuation of the area. (Sept. 4 UPDATE: Street access was closed off Sept. 3. The gate will be installed later)

- Removal of traffic signal at northern intersection of Southgate Place and U.S. 395: With the new signal installed at the intersection of S.W. 37th Street (road extension), the signal at Southgate Place is no longer needed. Motorists needing access to U.S. 395 from this area should use the new S.W. 37th Street signalized intersection.

- Addition of new sidewalk: Sidewalks have been constructed to improve pedestrian safety at the new intersection and along the road leading to the hospital. ODOT is also planning a future sidewalk project to complete the west side of Southgate from S.W. Perkins Ave. to Les Schwab Tires.

School bus route/traffic changes for connections to/from U.S. 395 near new signal:
- From side streets: Traffic entering U.S. 395/Southgate should use signalized intersections.
- From U.S. 395 to Southgate Place: Southbound traffic from U.S. 395 can use the dedicated right turn lane onto Southgate Place (northern connection), or use signalized intersection at S.W. 37th; Northbound traffic should use the dedicated left turn lane at the signalized intersection at S.W. 37th.

- New road to hospital, St. Anthony Way: This roadway will open to the public when the new St. Anthony Hospital opens.