Selah Man Wins $170,000 Playing WA Lottery

A Selah man recently won $170,000 playing Hit 5 with Washington’s Lottery.

He realized he won on his weekly weekend visit to buy tickets at a Washington’s Lottery retail location near his home. He plays Washington’s Lottery Hit 5 and Lotto games Saturday and Sunday mornings each week. While he was there, he checked his tickets from the week prior. He said of the retail clerk, “She just told me to go to the regional office!”

He realized he had won the jackpot worth $170,000 upon arriving at the Yakima Regional Office on Monday, October 28. Afterward, he met up with friends at a local hangout to celebrate.

The winner works in the logging business and started his own company seven years ago. He recently bought a new truck and plans to use his winnings to fund his company. He also said, “Or I’ll buy a race horse!”

This is his first big win. He told Washington’s Lottery officials, “Extra cash is like having two free years of working!”

Hit 5 is a Washington State game. When someone in Washington State wins a Hit 5 prize, others in Washington benefit, too. For example, the retail location that sold the winning ticket, the Selah Express on 777 North Park Center in Selah will receive a $1,700 selling bonus.