Young Children Learn Spanish Outside of School

<p>Spanish Language Workshop</p>

Spanish Language Workshop

Some families in Richland are giving their young children a head start on learning a second language outside of school.

Students kindergarten through 3rd grade attended today's Dos Caminos Spanish Workshop in Richland to learn to communicate in a language they and their parents hope will be useful in their futures.

Jade is in the 1st grade and coming from a household with family members that only speak English, this is her first opportunity to learn Spanish.

"Friends that speak Spanish and English can teach people that Spanish is a good language for all ages," said Jade.

Jade's mother said this is an opportunity she simply couldn't pass up.

"It's important for kids to start being versatile for the future so this program was available through the community center in Richland and she was really excited to find out it," said Jennifer Alford, Jade's mother. "She wants to learn more Spanish and I want to equip her to learn more."

She expresses the importance of furthering her child's education even outside of school.

"When you're looking for employment, you want to be able to put your best foot forward," said Alford. "The more knowledge you have and experience with different cultures and other languages, I think it only helps to put you ahead of the game."

Instructor Susan Grace partnered with the Parks and Recreation Department to offer this course at the Richland Community Center.

"Families recognize the advantage of early 2nd laguage learning before it's offered later either in middle school or high school," said Grace.

There are different classes for pre-schoolers, elementary school students and adults.

There is a monthly fee for the classes that begin in the fall and go through the end of spring.

The classes meet once a week