Kennewick Woman Wins $100,000 Playing Washington Lottery

A Kennewick woman recently won $100,000 playing Hit 5 with Washington’s Lottery.

The woman realized she won a couple weeks ago when she checked her ticket at a Washington’s Lottery retail location near her home in Kennewick. She said, “I go there all the time and they know me. There was a lot of squealing from the ladies.”

After claiming her prize from Washington’s Lottery Yakima Regional Office, she celebrated by purchasing a root beer float for herself and an ice cream cone for each of her two dogs, a miniature Schnauzer and a miniature German Sheppard.

The retired registered nurse is now a pet sitter in Winthrop for about six months out of the year, where she bought the ticket at Pardners, the Best Little Mini. The retail location will receive a $1,000 selling bonus. She said, “I’ve been a pet sitter for seven years and for 25 families. I do it for free except for gas each way. This is like payback for me!” She also plans to buy a new refrigerator and save for a new roof and heat pump.

The winner plays Washington’s Lottery Lotto, Mega Millions, Hit 5 and Powerball games regularly. She’s also entered several other sweepstakes, winning a variety of prizes including a Chevy Silverado, titanium bicycle, trip to Hawaii, and savings bonds. She’s previously won $100 from Washington’s Lottery. “This can’t possibly be real,” she said of her first big win.