Ki-Be Information Servers Vandalized

<p>Ki-Be Vandalism</p>

Ki-Be Vandalism

The Benton County Sheriff's Office is searching for anyone responsible for vandalizing information servers at Kiona-Benton School District that caused phone and email systems to completely go down.

Ki-Be Superintendant Rom Castilleja said about 15 servers holding several years of information were bashed in along with several computer montiors and telephones.

Castilleja said it's believed one or more intruders jimmied the lock on the back door at the old administration building located behind Ki-Be middle and elementary schools.

He said the intruders then made their way over to the server closet, pryed the door open and began bashing in the servers and cutting wires.

The servers control the phone systems, student information and 7 years worth of the district's emails.

The wires cut control several alarm systems throughout the schools along with the loud speaker.

Castilleja said there is no explanation for why someone would do this.

"Anytime you have vandalism of any kind, looking at this, and you look at what was done and who really is hurt by it, it's just really senseless," said Castilleja.

School was cancelled today for preschool and daycare that are located in the same building where the servers are, but all other schools remain on their regular schedules.     

There is still no word on who may have done this or why but the school district is working with the sheriff's office to further investigate.

The server room is considered to be the central nervous system of all Ki-Be schools and Castilleja said the damage could cost about $100,000.

The school district's IT personnell has already restored the phones and because they have to order parts, they hope everything else will be back up and running by the end of the week.

As for the information, they still don't know what is lost permanently, they should have an idea once they put the servers back together.

Alternative phone numbers for the Elementary School are 509-727-4669 and 509-539-2691: Middle School 509 727-4281, 509-619-9023, and 509-727-4964: High School 509-727-5562 and 509-727-4972.