Padgett Found Guilty in Rape Case

<p>Travis Padgett</p>

Travis Padgett

Travis Padgett breathed a sigh of disappointment after a judge reads his verdict.

He now faces an undetermined amount of time in prison for raping three minors.

Dianne sat in the courtroom as the verdict was read -- she knows one of the victims, but requested we not show her face on camera for that individuals protection.

"These children deserved it," said Dianne, "They deserved justice and he got it today."

The jury found padgett guilty of 13 of the 14 crimes he was accused of -- those include third degree rape, incest and giving meth to minors.

Padgett was arrested in January after a child reported the activity to a school officer.

When police searched his home, they found a 14 year old girl in his basement.

A third underage victim was named later on.

"[Padgett] took things from the victims, from the families that can never be [taken] Back," said Dianne, "And I don't think he'll ever realize what he's done."

While prosecutors don't have a reccomended sentence time set yet, they do say a major milestone has been cleared; proving Padgett guilty.

"We want to protect children, we want to prevent crimes from occurring," said Deputy Prosecutor Patti Powers, "There's not enough anybody can do in that regard, but everyone involved in this case did everything possible to address those kinds of issues."

"The three children stood up and they were strong, they beat him when no one else could," said Dianne, "They told the truth and they exposed him for the true person he was, I'm very proud of each and every one of them for doing that too."

Padgett will be sentenced next month.