Toppenish Man Arrested After Carjacking and Holding a Household Hostage

Sunnyside Police arrest a Toppenish man who allegedly car jacked a vehicle, led officers on a chase, rammed two police vehicles, and then took a house full of residents hostage.

Police say the incident began around seven last night on the 100 block of Parkland Homes.

A father reported that a man pointed a loaded shotgun at him and his daughter, and took their vehicle.

Police later spotted the vehicle and identified the suspect at 27 year old Richard Yallup.

He led officers on a high speed chase where Yallup rammed two police vehicles.  He then crashed his own vehicle and fled on foot.  Yallup at some point turned around to fire his shotgun at an officer, who returned fire.

Yallup entered a woman's home, taking the residents hostage.  Negotiators and SWAT team members were called in, but it was the hostages that were able to overpower Yallup.  SWAT members observed this and entered the residence and took the suspect into custody.  He faces numerous charges.

The shooting victim was treated for a non-life threatening wound.

The officer involved in the shooting was placed on paid administrative leave, as is standard protocal, pending the outcome of the investigation.