Woman Killed By Train is Identified

<p>Train Kills 1</p>

Train Kills 1

A 50 -year-old Kennewick woman is dead after being struck by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train just east of North Volland Street, off Canal Drive in Kennewick yesterday.

According to Benton County Coroner John Hansens, Melinda D. Williams died of blunt force impact by the train.

Police say around 4:10 PM, a man on foot stopped a driver on Canal Drive.

The man was bleeding severely from his arm and said his girlfriend was just hit by the train.

The train stopped, and Kennewick police arrived moments later - they confirmed that the woman was dead under the train.

The man was taken to Trios Health in Kennewick. the injured man has been identified as 47 year old Samuel Frank, whose last address was in Kennewick, while the deceased female will not be identified until tomorrow

Police say the couple was on foot when they were on the tracks.

Officers aren't sure if the man and woman were walking down the tracks or crossing them, but they say either way it is illegal to be on them.

"It is a grim reminder, very unfortunate. This is a tragic situation, but it is a grim reminder that train tracks are off limits, it is trespassing by federal law, you cannot be on the train tracks, not even to cross them, other than the official crossing" said Sgt. Ken Lattin, Kennewick Police Department.

Kennewick police say the man and woman are in their 40s.

Officers are investigating the accident along with railroad officials.