KPD Searching for Man who Allegedly Threatened His Family with a Knife

<p>Alleged Knife Threat</p>

Alleged Knife Threat

Kennewick Police are looking for a 32-year-old man, who allegedly threatened to kill family members with a knife.

According to police, Jeremy Jessup got into a heated argument with family members on the 600 block of S. Harrison St. last night.

Witnesses called police saying Jessup had a knife.

A man claiming to be Jessup's brother said Jessup never had a knife on him and this whole thing blew out of proportion.

"There was a heated argument last night, me and him got in an argument, he was coming after me and my friend stepped inbetween us," said Chris Jessup. "Jeremy reached in his pocket, we all thought it was a knife, there was no knife involved. He's not a killer. He would never hurt anyone, he cares about his family and he just drunk. He needs to stop drinking. Alcohol makes you do stupid things."

Kennewick Police are still looking for Jessup.