Telephone Scam Hits Franklin PUD Again

Franklin PUD is warning customers of a telephone scam targeting utility customers. Franklin PUD customers have once again reported receiving collection calls from individuals claiming they work for Franklin PUD, the customer is past due on their electric bill, and the PUD has a truck standing by to shut off their power. These calls are targeting Hispanic businesses in Pasco and have been occurring quite frequently over the past ten months. The PUD wants to remind customers about potential scams that may be committed over the phone. These are not legitimate calls from Franklin PUD.

Franklin PUD does make courtesy collection calls after customers have received a “late bill payment due” notice in their monthly statement. Customers may offer to pay Franklin PUD at that time over the phone, but we do not solicit customers by phone just for payment. If customers do make a payment by phone, Franklin PUD gives them a confirmation code.

Any suspicious activity like this should be reported to Franklin PUD and your local police department. And if customers are unsure if a call actually is from Franklin PUD, they should hang up and call Franklin PUD customer service at 509-547-5591.