...In With The New

<p>New Eisenhower Gym</p>

New Eisenhower Gym

Many past and future students are getting their first look at the brand new Eisenhower High School tonight.

The $110 million project wrapped up construction this summer, just in time for fall classes.

The new building is 30% larger than the old Ike, and features an expanded gynmasium and auditorium.

The school even has many former students wishing they were 17 again, just so they could walk the halls.

"I think it's a beautiful place and it's nice to have been part of the original Eisenhower," said class of 1958 graduate Dean Weyrick, "These kids that go to school here have a great legacy to follow."

"I have spent more than half of my life in that old building, because I went to school at Eisenhower, I gratuated from there, and I taught in that old building for 32 years," said business teacher Paula Felton, "This is incredible to be able to teach in this building."

The new Eisenhower High School is built to house over 2,400 students, it currently has about 1,900 enrolled.