New Farming Technology

<p>New Farming Technology</p>

New Farming Technology

Researchers from the Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems at Washington State University are showing 7 different inventions in Prosser today that they say could really help farmers down the line.

One prototype is a Labor Monitoring System that esearchers say farmers can use to accurately pay pickers on a weight basis rather than a piece-rate

Another protype is the Over-the-Row Machine Vision System intended to improve apple crop estimates.

Cameras will be placed on either side and a tractor will pull the vision system as it takes pictures of every tree.

A computer will then count every apple on the trees giving farmers a more accurate number of how many bins they can sell that year. 

Researchers have also been working on the Hand Held Mechanical Blossom Thinning Device that allows farmers who currently hand pick blooms off their cherry and peach trees to cut their labor time into a fraction.

Researchers say the device, powered by hydraulic fuel, gently removes the blooms and they say the best part is it lasts all day long.

The Blossom Thinning Device is one of the only prototypes shown today that is ready to sell.

Most of the other prototypes still need to be tested and improved, but researchers say they hope they're inventions will be on the market in just a few years.