Sunnyside Baker Heading to Las Vegas

<p>Kelly Story</p>

Kelly Story

A Sunnyside woman is Las Vegas bound after being selected to compete in a national baking contest.

Kelly Story is one of 100 people across the nation who will travel down to Vegas and recreate her raspberry apple stacks in front of a live audience and a panel of judges.

Story created the recipe as part of a contest hosted by Pillsbury -- the winner will receive a grand prize of one million dollars.

Story says she's never been to Las Vegas, and is excited for the opportunity.

"Mainly just having fun with other cooks and meeting other people," said Story, "Sure the money is always in the background, but that's not my main focus; I love to bake and I love to talk to other people about baking. It's going to be fun to share the excitement with a bunch of other cooks."

Kelly Story says she will travel down to Las Vegas for three days to compete in the middle of next month.