Pasco elementary school teacher wins new car

<p>Jill Little</p>

Jill Little

An elementary school teacher in Pasco gets a huge surprise today when she finds out that she won a new car from this weekend's Mid-Columbia Duck Race.

Jill Little - who teaches 5th grade at McGee Elementary - won the brand new Toyota Camry.

Earlier today, her husband called her and told her she had won something, but he didn't tell her what.

Then this afternoon, while she was with her students at school, her husband stopped by and told her what she had won.

"Shocked, totally shocked. They just called me, I was teaching guided reading and they called my classroom and said, we need to see you in the foyer, and I came in and found out I won a car" said Little.

Little says her husband and her dad are both involved with the rotary, so she usually buys ducks every year.

This year, she bought eleven of them, and one turned out to be the luckiest one.

Little doesn't have the car just yet - there is still some paperwork to be done.

Duck race organizers say in about a week and a half, they'll hold an official event and hand over the keys to her brand new car.

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