Hundreds fill new Goodwill store in Pasco

<p>Pasco Goodwill</p>

Pasco Goodwill

Hundreds of people who can't afford to shop at higher quality department stores pack the brand new Goodwill store in Pasco which opened today.

When the doors to the new store opened this morning at 7 AM, there was already a line outside of about 80 people waiting to go in.

While we were at the store a few hours later, there was a constant flow of customers coming in and out of the new space - their shopping carts full of items.

Many customers tell us they're very thankful for this new shop.

Deborah Shaw has been shopping at Goodwill stores for about 40 years, and says she heavily relies on the non-profit organization to buy items she needs.

"I pretty much get just about everything from here, all my kitchen stuff, all the bathroom stuff, all the bedding, all that stuff" said Shaw.

This morning, Goodwill employees opened a brand new store in Pasco on Court Street.

The Pasco Goodwill used to be located downtown on West Columbia Street, but employees moved to the new location to better serve the community.

"The old location was harder to find, and not the greatest parking lot - we wanted something here centralized in Pasco" said Joy Murphy, Goodwill director of retail.

Store managers say the new space also helps them realize their mission statement, which is to put people to work.

68 employees work at the new store, some of them are special needs adults like Victor Torres, who has been working for Goodwill for nearly 12 years.

"I'm very thankful, I'm very happy too" said Torres.

Many customers say so far, the 13,000 square foot retail space is a joy to walk through.

"It's a beautiful store, absolutely lovely to walk around in, lots of space" said Ted Davis, shopper.

And during tough economic times, customers say stores like this large Goodwill can help make a positive impact on the community.

"I think it is a really good benefit. People need to be able to buy at a different price point than most department stores, and so this will help in the economy" said Teresa Harper, shopper.

And for Shaw, she says she'll be back soon with a smile on her face as she buys what she needs at a price she can afford.

"I'm here for a good deal and a bargain" said Shaw.

The Goodwill store in Pasco is open seven days a week.

There is also a covered drive-through where you can drop off donations without leaving your car.

There is also an employment center next door, and a separate 5,000 square foot space for Goodwill's e-commerce department - where employees sell items on and eBay.