Geena Davis Speaks About Women in the Media

<p>Geena Davis</p>

Geena Davis

Today marks the start of the annual Yakima Town Hall Speaker series, and today's guest speaker features a famous Hollywood actress.

Academy Award winner Geena Davis stopped by Yakima to share her ideas on the perception of women in the media, and how to empower young women in our community.

Davis also suggested ways Hollywood producers and writers can create a balance between male and female roles in movies, in order to help eliminate any misonceptions in our youth.

"One great result [from my presentation] Would be that we become aware of how profoundly that impacts our society; that we're, in effect, training kids to see girls as second class citizens by the media they consume," sid Davis.

Davis is one of four guest speakers who will stop by to speak in Yakima from now through the spring.