Documentary about human sex trafficking in the Tri-Cities to air tonight

<p>Human Trafficking Documentary</p>

Human Trafficking Documentary

If you think human sex trafficking is a problem only in third world countries, you may want to think again.

Tonight, a group of producers will debut a documentary about sex trafficking in the Tri-Cities.

They say most people don't even think about human trafficking happening in our area - but they say it is happening.

They've entitled this documentary "Here? Sex Trafficking in Our Community".

The 30 minute documentary includes interviews with sex trafficking survivors, a perpetrator, police officers, mental health experts, educators and others.

The show doesn't just have information on sex trafficking, but also on gang trafficking, family trafficking and labor trafficking - and it includes some solutions on how it can be stopped.

Experts say about 100,000 minors in America are forced into trafficking each year, and their average age is 13 years old.

"Every single person that any of use spoke to and told them what we were working on said, 'here? That doesn't happen here. That is a big city issue, there's no way that happens here.' Yes, it does happen here. And really, it happens in any size community, large, metro, non-metro, small" said Susan Bauer, documentary producer.

Producers say it took them about a year and a half to put this project together.

The documentary will be shown tonight at 7 PM on Northwest Public Television (KTNW).

After the documentary airs, several panelists will hold a discussion about human sex trafficking, and viewers at home will be able to call in to the show and ask any questions. The number to call is 1-800-922-4220.