City of Pendleton Releases Victim's Names from September House Fire

From the City of Pendleton-


6:09AM, Sunday, September 22, Pendleton police and fire personnel responded to a house fire at 1220 SE Court Place, Pendleton.

Two of the seven occupants, 27 year old Kay Williams and 49 year old David Eickstaedt were able to jump from windows of the residence to avoid death.  Both were transported to Legacy Emanual Hospital in Portland, Oregon where they were treated for smoke inhalation and  injuries sustained as a result of jumping from the burning house.  Williams and Eickstaedt were released from the Legacy Emanuel late last week.

The remaining five occupants were found dead inside the burned home.  All five were transported to the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office where autopsies were performed.  Smoke inhalation was determined to be the cause of death for the two adults and three children.  The fire victim's identities were verified through various processes.  46 year old Treasa Philpott was identified through dental records, 29 year old Kristopher Morton was identified through verification of tattoos, and the three children; 5 year old Evan Williams, 2 year old Rowan Harvey and 5 month old Annabelle Williams were identified through DNA.

Williams, her three children and Eickstaedt were tenants of the burned rental property while Philpott and Morton were guests of Eickstaedt and Williams.