Selfless Birthday Wish

It takes a pretty selfless young girl to ask for donations to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society instead of presents for her 12th birthday.

This year Megan Kendall Schell's birthday wish list consisted of dog food, cat food and pet toys. According to Megan, for one simple reason, the animals need it more than her.

Humane society employee Zack Brockway said the shelter wouldn't be able to run properly without donations like this. "Everyone apperciates it here everyone apperciates it in the community. She should be proud of that and her family should be proud of that as well," said Brockway.

Megan's family is proud. Her aunt said she wasn't susrpised by her decision. Megan has always had a generious heart.

Everyone who was at the Humane Society when Megan made her donation admitted the world could be a little bit of a better place if we all took a page out of her book.