Recreational Marijuana License

Today marks the beginning of enrollment in Washington State to apply for a recreational marijuana business license.

 As of two clock today the department of revenue had only seen two applicants come through its doors.

Steve Robinson the District Compliance Manager in Richland told me he wasn't surprised by the turn out. He and his staff actually expected it to be a slow day at the office.

He thought some of that may have to do with the fact that marijuana is legal in the state of Washington but still illegal federally.

Robinson also thought recreational pot will be more popular in the western part of the state than it will be in this area. "There is a moratorium on it around the tri cities area so that has some impact on people bringing in their applications and applying," said Robinson

The number count of two applications does not take into account the people have applied online.

This is just day one of the application period. You have until December 19th to apply. You can do so online, by mail, or in person and there is a fee of $250. Applying for a license doesn't necessarily mean you will get one but you will be considered. The state is only releasing 334 licenses, but it is not first come first serve.