Citizens Help Yakima Sheriff's Deputies Make Arrest

From the Yakima's Sheriff's Office-

This afternoon at 3:50 pm a YSO Deputy attempted to stop a car for speeding on Roza Hill Drive and North Canyon Rd., located in the Terrace Heights area. The driver refused to stop and after a short chase stopped the car and fled on foot. The lone deputy had to stay with the car since a passenger remained and drugs were seen in the car.

Three local citizens witnessed this incident and began chasing the fleeing suspect. Near Roza Hill and Panorama Drive the citizens were able to tackle the suspect to the ground. He was then taken into custody by law enforcement.

The helpful citizens were also able to point out two areas where they had seen the suspect throw items as he ran. A loaded handgun was one of these items recovered.

The 35 year old male suspect is from the Yakima area. He was booked into jail on numerous requested criminal charges.