A Community of Heroes

Dozens of people gather at the Kittitas County Fairgrounds Community Hall, many of them familiar faces.

It's been over a year since the Taylor Bridge Fire tore through their community -- destroying over 60 homes and scorching almost 40 square miles of land.

"Devastation, it was just absolute devastation, said Sherri Swory, "To see the community come together in an outpouring was just amazing."

Sherri Swory was one of the locals who came to her neighbors needs, helping rescue farm animals and bringing them to shelters.

Today, she is a Red Cross volunteer, helping host a celebration to honor everyone in the community who gave a helping hand.

Tonight was supposed to be the annual Real Heroes Awards, honoring individuals who made a difference in their community, however swory says this year is a little different.

Instead of honoring one or two individuals, the Red Cross renamed this year's event the Community Resiliency event to honor everyone in the community as heroes.

"They didn't respond as individuals, they responded as citizens of Kittitas County," said Red Cross Director Lisa Kapuza, "Everybody pitched in, whether it was to help animals or to help neighbors, or food, whatever it took, the community pitched in."

And the response is what inspired Swory to join the Red Cross, following the fire.

Now she spends her day giving back to her friends, family, and neighbors, hoping they will do the same for others.

"It can be somebody you don't even know, and the next day, they're right there for you without even asking, they'll give you the shirt right off their back," said Swory.