Local Filipino Community Working to Start Relief Fund for Typhoon Victims

<p>Philippines Typhoon</p>

Philippines Typhoon

Rescue and aid efforts are underway in the Philippines, and local Filipinos in our region are working to help.

Several Filipino community leaders have been contacted by Governor Jay Inslee to form a state-wide relief effort for those affected by the typhoon.

Officials believe at least 2,000 people have died around Tacloban City.

Rey Pascua is one of the community leaders asked by the governor to coordinate the relief effort -- he says he hopes to reach those outside of community over the next few weeks.

"We need to reach out to each other and to those people who are going through that pain in the philippines, so we are trying several efforts," said Pascua, "Although we're removed from it and we're a ways away, we have to try to do what we can."

Pascua says he is holding an emergency meeting at the Filipino Hall in Wapato  at 6 p-m to discuss fundraising options -- the meeting is open to the public.