O Christmas Tree

<p>Christmas Tree</p>

Christmas Tree

Underneath a tarp cover is an 80-foot Engelmann Spruce tree, chopped down from Colville, and on it's way to Washington D.C.

There, it will be decorated and set up as the U.S. Capitol's Christmas Tree.

Today, crews delivering it make a stop in Yakima, giving people the chance to sign the banner and take pictures.

The tree was cut down in the Colville National Forest, on Kalispel Tribal Land.

One family is part of the tribe, and wanted to see the tree in person.

"We love that it represents a tribe, we have a very small tribe," said Teresita Alvarado, "[Because they] picked [this one] Out of all the trees that were brought forth for them to pick from, I think that was awesome."

"It's an incredible honor, I feel so blessed to be able to travel with this tree, and play a part in this and take a little piece of our home across the country," said forestry technician Cally Davidson.

The crew delivering the tree will be making a few stops along the way, and should have it delivered by the end of the month.

The tree will be displayed on the west lawn of the Capitol , and will be decorated with more than 7,000 ornaments, most of which were made by Washington school children.