Putting A Stop to Bullying

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Anti-Bullying Shirt

Hundreds of students share laughs as classmates re-enact encounters with bullying.

The performances are meant to show how certain situations can be diffused -- for all, it's a fun way to see their peers cheer and jeer at one another.

But for some, it's an all-too-familiar feeling.

11th grader Kelsey Taylor kickstarted and organized todays event; for years, she's dealt with bullying because of her appearance.

Kelsey tells us she's been teased a lot for having big ears.

"I've actually dealt with self harm before because of bullying," said Kelsey, "I know people that deal with it and it really hurts me, even though it's not affecting me, it still does because i don't like seeing that."

Kelsey says she started planning the event after attending last year's "We Day" in Seattle.

Wanting to inspire her classmates to make a change and take a stance against bullying -- she reached out to her counselors and student leaders to help put today's event together.

Today's event featured guest speakers ranging from classmates, to well known motivational speakers from across the country.

Even former educator and current motivational speaker Mac Bledsoe donated his time this morning to speak to students.

His message was to inspire them to take control of their lives, and to remind them they are their own worst critics.

"What has motivated my wife and I to travel the united states, sharing our message, is that we were school teachers for 32 years;" said Bledsoe, "and it alarmed us to see how many young people were making terrible decisions, life altering decisions."

Some students feel those decisions can be avoided, starting within these school hallways.

"Being judgemental doesn't really help you, it doesn't help anybody, it just brings people down," said 11th grader Megan Closner, "You need to build your classmates up, we can all be somebody better, so why don't we help eachother get there?"

"What you say can really affect somebody, it can hurt somebody, it all around can be a really negative thing," said Kelsey.