New Releases Entice Wine Drinkers To Walla Walla Valley

Thousands of people are in the Walla Walla Valley this weekend for a great tradition, Fall Release.

They're tasting out new wines that have previously been kept hidden inside wineries' cellars.

And with more than 100 wineries in the valley, there were plenty of wines to try and something for every palate.

Cavu Cellars released a 2012 Syrah.

Winemaker Joel Waite says he made this at the request of his mother, who loves the taste of a good Syrah.

This is also Cavu's opening weekend.

A fire sprinkler malfuction flooded their winery near the Walla Walla Regional Airport months ago, and they've been working tirelessly to get it and their large reception hall ready for this special time.

Isenhower Cellars took a different approach, and released a rare concoction for the region, a sparkling white wine.

Denise Isenhower says it was well received and nearly sold out by 11 a.m.

In addition to the drinks, tasters in some wineries munched on items from uniquely paired menus and listened to the sounds of live music.

Fall Release wraps up tomorrow.