Man Crashes Car, Dies from Stab Wounds

<p>Commercial Tire Homicide</p>

Commercial Tire Homicide

Yakima police are searching for any suspects responsible for stabbing and killing a man early this morning.

Police say 21 year old Miguel Munguia crashed his car into one of the doors at the Commercial Tire store on South First Street.

Police arrived and found Munguia unresponsive in the car, with stab wounds to his arm and chest -- he was taken to the hospital, where he later died from those injuries.

The Yakima County Coroner says munguia's heart was pierced in what appeared to be an assault earlier that evening.

Employees at the shop say they have never seen something like that happen, and are still shaken up.

"Everybody was shocked, I mean how often does that happen in a business?" asked manager J.J. Reyes, "It happens places, but to happen under those circumstances, yes, everybody was shocked."

Anyone with information about the investigation is asked to contact Yakima police.