UPDATE: Interstate 5 Bridge Collapse

<p>Photo: Jessie Barnhart</p>

Photo: Jessie Barnhart

The Washington State Patrol says the collapse of Interstate 5 Bridge into the Skagit River last night was caused by an oversize truck hitting an over-head span.

The entire incident was captured by surveillance video.

The driver made it off the bridge after the bridge collapse, but remained at the scene and fully cooperated with investigators.

Two vehicles went into the water last night when the bridge collapsed, and hours later, three people were rescued with only minor injuries. One remain in the hospital.

State transportation officials say it could be weeks before things return to normal along the heavily traveled corridor.

Governor Jay Inslee reports it will cost more than $15 million for repairs, and will take a coordinated effort to restore the bridge in a timely manner.

"Now we are on the business of trying to restore the artery of commerce and economic growth in our state. And you cannot overstate the importance of this corridor to Washington State to our economics and our ability to enjoy this weekend. So we are now engaged in a full-scale pursuit of restoring this corridor as fast as humanly possible," said Inslee.

Crews are working on the possibility of placing a temporary structure to replace the collapsed section of bridge.

In the meantime, the U.S. Department of Transportation has pledged $1 million in emergency funding for repairs to the bridge.