Snowstorm Hits Small Town of Bickleton

<p>Bickleton Snow</p>

Bickleton Snow

Peter Clinton is a Senior at Bickleton High School.

Today was supposed to be like any other day; go to class, and practice his pole vaulting in the afternoon -- however, that changed when his town was buried by half a foot of snow overnight.

"We get some pretty crazy weather every now and then, so that part doesn't surprise me," said Clinton, "But I don't think we've had snow this late before, so that's pretty surprising."

The sudden snowstorm cut off power to the K-12 school, which prompted the district to cancel classes for the day.

Some areas west of town received almost a foot of powder -- downed tree branches could be found along the roadside.

People say they're used to seeing snow as late as April, but usually in small doses.

In fact, they say today's snowstorm packed more snow than it did all of this last winter.

Peter's mother, Kim Clinton is a teacher at the high school and says the last big Spring snow storm happened a few years ago.

"Our tractor and our seeder in our field had [a few inches of] snow on it, and that was April, and that was weird for then," said Kim Clinton, "But May, no, it seems like it should be January right now."

For Peter, the graduating senior, any day off from school is welcome, even if it means a few more days of unexpected winter.

"Everyone's excited that we don't have school right now, and I think everybody's just enjoying the day off and getting to relax," said Peter Clinton.

The Bickleton School District is planning on resuming classes tomorrow, as long as the power, which is now on, holds up.