Pasco students participate in Frontier Days event

<p>Frontier Days</p>

Frontier Days

Hundreds of elementary school students in Pasco spend the day outside today to learn what it was like to live as a pioneer.

Mark Twain Elementary School held its 19th annual Frontier Days event.

The students learned about Native American history, the old west, and the lifestyles of pioneers.

The children visited about 20 interactive learning stations throughout the day.

They learned how to pump water, milk cows, move wood, and even how to lasso.

"We're learning about the pioneers and how they lived and what they did to wash their clothes and what they did for their life" said Paxtyn Hermes, 2nd grader.

"I like learning all the new stuff that they did back then" said Gracie Bolson, 2nd grader.

"Learning about the pioneer children. That was fun" said Dylan Hatch, 5th grader.

Students say it is good to learn how pioneers got things done, because if they're ever in a situation where they don't have today's technology, they can still be productive.