14 year-old Pasco student prepares for college

<p>Lynnae Glaesemann</p>

Lynnae Glaesemann

An 8th grade student in Pasco is getting ready to skip a few grades and head to college.

14 year-old Lynnae Glaesmann is taking advanced placement classes at Chiawana High School.

Next school year, she'll start taking classes at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia.

In the 7th grade, Glaesemann scored about a 1500 on the SAT.

Then, while in the 8th grade at McLoughlin Middle School, she started taking AP classes at Chiawana High School, and soon moved there full time.

She says when she heads to college, she knows exactly what she wants to study.

"I'm planning to do a double major in math and chemistry, with a double minor in physics and computer science. And then go on to get my Ph.D. in physical chemistry and then work for one of the national labs with the super computers or the CIA" said Glaesemann.

Glaesemann will be part of the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted at Mary Baldwin College.

She leaves in August, and says she is excited for the educational challenge ahead of her.