Ellensburg School District Planning 5th Bond Measure

<p>Morgan Middle School in Ellensburg</p>

Morgan Middle School in Ellensburg

For years, the Ellensburg School District has tried to replace Morgan Middle School.

The building is partially closed off, students are in portables, and 8th graders are currently housed in the high school.

A bond to fund a new middle school failed--again, and it looks like things aren't going to change anytime soon.

"[there's] great teachers and staff, and coaches, and wonderful people," said Beth Winter, "They deserve a nice building to come to school at and be proud of."

Two weeks ago, the school district asked voters to approve a 39 million dollar bond to construct a new middle school near Ellensburg High School.

Final ballots were tallied last night -- the bond fell short by a fraction of a percentage, or about 8 votes shy of receiving the 60 percent supermajority needed for approval.

This marks the fourth time a bond proposal has been rejected by voters -- however, the district is remaining positive, and is planning on holding a fifth election in the fall.

More than half of registered voters returned ballots this time, and with the election coming down to the very last vote, district officials are almost certain the next election will finally go in their favor.

The school district says it's not abandoning plans to build a new middle school in between the high school and a nearby elementary school.

"They need a quality educational facility with increased safety for them," said Superintendent Paul Farris, "This issue hasn't gone away, the problem hasn't gone away, it just  means that we need to be able to provide the community with additional information to be more successful in the next election."

Beth Winter, whose daughter is a sixth grade middle schooler, hopes the fifth time is the last time.

"I would hope so, maybe they would announce that, because I think some families would probably rather live somewhere else than have to know that a community doesn't support their school system," said Winter.

The Ellensburg school board will meet with bond advocates tonight inthe Ellensburg City Council Chambers -- that starts at 7.