Cinco de Mayo in Pasco

<p>Cinco de Mayo dancer</p>

Cinco de Mayo dancer

Pasco's annual Cinco de Mayo celebration returns tomorrow after not being held last year because of financial concerns.

Tomorrow marks the 22nd year the city has held the event.

Pasco residents say they're very happy to see their celebration back this year in the city.

"Everybody is just waiting for tomorrow to start!" said Anna Ruiz Peralta, an area resident.

Activity will pick up at about 7p.m. tonight. That's when the streets will be closed down, and vendors will come in, while parade preparation starts early tomorrow.

Today, workers were busy cleaning up the Lewis and 4th Street areas, where the parade will end.

The parade kicks-off at 11 a.m. at 2nd Avenue and Clark Street.

The event will feature plenty of local bands, dancers, dancing horses, kids entertainment, and, of course, mexican food.

Recently appointed judge, Salvador Mendoza will be riding in style on a special float.

And Pasco's Mayor Matt Watkins will be in the parade as well, perhaps in a shiny yellow convertible.

Downtown Pasco Development Authority's Executive Director Amy Kuchler said since the event was cancelled last year, residents are looking forward to a big celebration this year.

"Over and over I hear that community members are just thrilled. People were so disppointed last year when it didn't happen, and everyone is really excited," said Kuchler.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla which took place on May 5, 1862, when about 4,500 Mexicans fought 6, 000 well-trained French soldiers, and won.