New Comedy Club in Kennewick

<p>Club Outside</p>

Club Outside

<p>Club Inside</p>

Club Inside

The former Jack-son's Sports Bar on West Kenenwick Avenue will soon open its doors as a comedy club.

Owner Bobby Quiring says the new club, named "The Elbow Room," will be fashioned as a smaller Vegas-style club.

There will be several shows per week, a limited menu, and a full bar.

The club will seat about 150 people, and the decor will feature more of a lounge atmosphere.

Jack-son's closed its doors just a week ago.

Since then, Quiring and his partner Trudi Corbett have been busy remodeling the venue, both inside and outside.

Quiring says he's already booked his first feature acts, including Last Comic Standing's, Dante.

"He made the finals of Last Comic Standing, and [he's] just the most outgoing comedian and everybody loves him. We got Dove Davidoff, very well known comedian; Brian Calahan, who played in the Hangovers," said Quiring.

The grand opening is scheduled for the July 4 weekend.