Jail Sergeant Accused of Stealing Thousands of Dollars



Sgt. Bruce Benscoter appeared before a Yakima County Court judge this afternoon.

Benscoter, a jail sergeant for the city of Wapato, is accused of embezzling funds from the Wapato Youth Athletics League, when he served as the league's director back in 2011.

Gary Pierce Jr. Has spent most of his life involved in local sports programs around the Lower Valley area, including Wapato, and was frustrated by today's news.

"They got abused," said Pierce Jr., "The people who put him in that position basically got taken advantage of."

According to court documents, Benscoter deposited several checks to his own personal account during his tenure -- totalling at least three thousand dollars.

Investigators arrested Benscoter yesterday -- he later posted a ten thousand dollar bail.

"It could have been used to buy uniforms for the children, or a new bus, or something that they actually would need versus somebody's personal account," said Pierce Jr.

We spoke to the league's director today, who did not want to appear on camera; however, he did assure us that the loss in funds did not hinder the organization and it will continue to offer the same services.

Gary Pierce Jr. Says Benscoter's actions not only shed a bad light on athletics directors like him, but also for law enforcement officers.

"The officers that are out for the good of the people get put in the same boat as the same people that do things basically for themselves, versus the community," said Pierce Jr.

Benscoter's trial is set to begin in June, Wapato Police Chief Tracy Rosenow says Benscoter has been placed on leave pending an internal investigation.